Black and White

I have been busy developing writing for a children's chapter book (deep in my world of imagination) which is why I haven't posted any illustrations for a while. So it was good to get back in my studio and do some drawing this week. I've been working on my black and white skills using dip pen with Indian Ink.


The End of Mr Wolf

"And that's the end of you Mr Wolf!" cried Granny.

Who needs a woodcutter when Granny can save the day?! I have made the little sub characters, the mice, do a jubilant victory dance to make it a 'ding-dong-the-wicked-witch-is-dead' type moment. I have designed the full flat plan for the story, a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, and will make up a few more spreads in full colour before sending it out to agents/publishers.

The process. I start by drawing the outline in ink. Next I build up colour layers with watercolour paint. When the painting is finished I scan it into Photoshop to tidy it up. You will notice I changed the position of the mice to fit with the low view point. You can see my notes on colour mixing, and a comparison of the characters from another a drawing. This helps with consistency. 

Work in Progress

Spot illustration for a picture book I am working on. I first draw the out line with India Ink using a scratchy nib, next I add watercolour, finally I scan into Photoshop for the final tweaks and amends. 

Tools and charts